Work From Home Solutions


As more and more workerstransition to a full time or part time work from home model, it becomes increasingly important to design a professional solution which overcomes the challenges of working from home or from anywhere for that matter.


Work vs. Home? What’s the difference?

In order to carry on business as usual when working from the kitchen table in your pyjamas, a number of factors should be considered.


Environment: Depending on each worker’s home environment, background noise can be a serious distraction for workers and anyone communicating with them. Whether it is from children, pets or othersources, these disturbances can be a major impediment to productivity.Using a headset with a noise cancelling microphone can significantly help suppress background noise to minimize noise on your calls. Many headsets also come in binaural models that cover both ears so the noise isalso less distracting to you.


Visual Clarity: In the new rules of business, when face to face interaction is required, it is over a video call. Having a poor-quality low-resolution image can portray a lack of professionalism. Using a high qualitycamera with good video resolution and possible in built noise cancelling microphone can make a world of difference compared to a built in laptop webcam.


Meeting Tools:The choice of meeting platform can make or break a meeting before it even starts. There is no shortage of collaboration and meetings available: some free, some paid, some require software installation, some are bandwidth hogs, while some are downright clunky. Using meeting tools that are already ubiquitous or that work seamlessly without requiring a software install can help you runproductive meetings with ease.


To overcome these issues, we have compiled a suite of products that can help you work productively from home or anywhere. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization design a successful work from home strategy.


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