Best Microsoft Team Compatible Phones of 2024

MS teams compatible teams

In the market for business communications, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a pivotal platform, supporting seamless collaboration and communication across varied business environments.  

With its widespread adoption, the importance of utilizing Microsoft Teams-compatible phones has become increasingly apparent. These specialized devices enhance the user experience and integrate smoothly with Microsoft’s ecosystem, offering more than just voice communication.  

This article explores the best Microsoft Teams-compatible phones for 2024, helping businesses of all sizes enhance their communication infrastructure. 

What Makes a Phone Microsoft Teams Compatible? 

A Microsoft Teams-compatible phone is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Teams platform. These devices support Teams software natively, meaning users can access all Teams features directly from their phones.  

Compatibility requires specific hardware and software configurations to ensure features such as one-touch join, calendar integration, and direct call routing are fully functional.  

By using a Teams-compatible phone, businesses benefit from streamlined operations and improved productivity. 

Key Features to Look for in Microsoft Teams Compatible Phones 

When selecting a Microsoft Teams phone, several features are paramount: 

  • Display and Interface: A clear, responsive display is crucial. It should allow easy navigation through contacts and features, ideally with touchscreen capabilities. 
  • Connectivity Options: Options range from traditional wired setups to modern wireless connections via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, offering flexibility in various office environments. 
  • Audio Quality: High-definition audio is essential for clear, uninterrupted communication. 
  • Integration Features: Look for phones that offer deep integration with Microsoft’s suite, including Office 365, for enhanced productivity. 
  • Durability and Reliability: The phone should be built to withstand heavy office use and potential mishandling. 

Top Microsoft Teams Compatible Phones of 2024 

As Microsoft Teams continues to be a central part of many business communication strategies, having the right hardware that integrates seamlessly with Teams is crucial. Here, we explore some of the top Microsoft Teams compatible phones for 2024, highlighting their features and pricing.

1. Yealink CP965-Teams; Microsoft Certified Teams Conference

The Yealink CP965-Teams is a conference phone designed specifically for Microsoft Teams, providing a superior audio experience for group meetings. Its intuitive interface and high-quality build make it an excellent choice for professional environments. 

Key Features: 

  • Touch-sensitive HD conference phone with a sleek, modern design 
  • Noise Proof Technology to minimize background noise 
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options 
  • Supports up to 20-party conferencing 
  • Full-duplex technology ensures that every participant is heard clearly 


  • Approximately CAD 1045.33 

2. Yealink GTK KIT (YKMP54TEAMS + Pwr)

The Yealink GTK KIT is a comprehensive solution combining the YKMP54TEAMS desk phone and a power kit, making it ideal for users seeking a fully functional Teams-compatible desktop experience. 

Key Features: 

  • 4-inch color display for easy navigation and control 
  • HD Voice technology to enhance call clarity 
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams button for one-touch access 
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed connectivity 
  • PoE support (Power over Ethernet) 


  • Approximately CAD 356.76 

3. Yealink MP50-Teams; Personal Cost-Effective USB Phone

The Yealink MP50 is a USB phone tailored for personal use, offering a cost-effective solution for integrating Microsoft Teams directly into your workstation. It’s designed for ease of use and portability. 

Key Features: 

  • Plug-and-play setup with USB connectivity 
  • 3.0-inch graphical LCD with backlight 
  • Optimal HD audio and Yealink Noise Proof Technology 
  • Classic phone layout with physical keypad and function buttons 
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS 


  • Approximately CAD 180 

4. Yealink MP58-Teams; Premium Phone for MS Teams

The Yealink MP58 is designed to offer a premium communication experience for Microsoft Teams users. It features a large touch screen and supports the latest Teams features, making it suitable for executives and advanced users. 

Key Features: 

  • 7-inch (1024 x 600) capacitive adjustable touchscreen
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band Wi-Fi 
  • HD Voice with Yealink Acoustic Shield and Noise Proof technologies 
  • Android 9.0 offers flexibility and robust app support 
  • HDMI for connection to external display 


  • Approximately CAD 532 

These Microsoft Teams-compatible phones from Yealink provide a range of options from personal use to large-scale conference solutions, each ensuring that users can leverage the full power of Microsoft Teams to stay connected and productive. 

Microsoft Teams Phones vs. Traditional VoIP Solutions 

Microsoft Teams compatible phones and traditional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions are two popular options, each with unique features and benefits.  

Understanding their differences can help businesses make informed decisions that best suit their communication needs.

1. Integration with Software Platforms

Microsoft Teams Phones: These devices are designed specifically to integrate with Microsoft Teams, providing native support for the application. This means users can access all Teams features, including chats, meetings, and file sharing directly from their phones. This integration enhances user experience by creating a seamless workflow between desktop and mobile environments. 

Traditional VoIP Solutions: Traditional VoIP phones offer flexibility to work with various VoIP services but do not specialize in any single platform. Integration with software like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom is possible but might require additional configuration or third-party plugins, which can complicate setup and use. 

2. User Interface and Experience

Microsoft Teams Phones: These phones typically feature high-resolution touch screens designed to mirror the Microsoft Teams interface, making them intuitive for users already familiar with Teams. The user experience is streamlined, as these phones are optimized for quick access to Teams’ functionalities, enhancing productivity and reducing the learning curve. 

Traditional VoIP Solutions: VoIP phones have a more generic interface that caters to a broad range of services. While functional, the interface may not be as refined or tailored to specific platforms, potentially making them less intuitive for users who rely heavily on a particular software suite like Microsoft Teams. 

3. Feature Set and Capabilities

Microsoft Teams Phones: Beyond standard call functionality, Microsoft Teams phones offer advanced features like video calling, voicemail transcription, and high-quality audio and video that leverage Microsoft’s proprietary technology. Additionally, they often include better support for conferencing features directly through the Teams platform. 

Traditional VoIP Solutions: While traditional VoIP phones provide essential call features and some advanced functionalities like call forwarding and voicemail, they may lack integration for deeper collaboration features found in Teams, such as real-time file sharing and meeting scheduling. 

4. Cost Considerations

Microsoft Teams Phones: Generally, these are premium devices with prices reflecting their advanced integration and feature sets tailored for Microsoft Teams. The cost could be higher, particularly for businesses looking to equip multiple team members. 

Traditional VoIP Solutions: Typically, less expensive than Microsoft Teams phones, traditional VoIP phones offer a cost-effective solution for businesses needing basic call capabilities without the need for deep software integration. They are often chosen for their affordability and broad compatibility with various VoIP services. 

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Microsoft Teams Phones: These phones are ideal for businesses heavily invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem and those who anticipate using Microsoft Teams extensively. They scale well within this environment but may offer limited utility outside of it. 

Traditional VoIP Solutions: Due to their compatibility with multiple VoIP services, traditional VoIP phones are highly flexible and can be a better choice for organizations that use a variety of communication tools or may switch platforms in the future. 

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Teams Phone for Your Business?

Choosing the right Teams phone involves understanding your business’s specific needs: 

  1. Assess your business size and call volume: Larger businesses may require devices with more advanced features. 
  1. Consider your budget: Determine how much you are willing to invest in upgrading your communication tools. 
  1. Evaluate integration needs: Ensure the phone is compatible with other tools your business uses. 

Integration and Setup 

Integrating Microsoft Teams phones involves connecting the device with your existing Teams account and configuring settings according to your business requirements. Setup typically includes installing necessary software updates, configuring network settings, and training staff to use new features effectively. 


Choosing the right Microsoft Teams compatible phone is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the Microsoft Teams platform. The options listed here cater to a variety of business needs and budgets, ensuring that every business can find a solution that enhances their communication and productivity. 

Interested in exploring these Microsoft Teams-compatible phones further? Contact us today for personalized advice and find the perfect fit for your business needs. Visit our product pages or reach out through our contact form to get started. 

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