Skype Products

Skype Integration for Phone Systems
Skype Gateways allow businesses to use Skype, the global Internet communications company. If you have a PBX, Key Systems or any type of Phone System, Skype gateways allow you to integrate your existing system with Skype so you can gain all the benefits of Skype's Internet based communication service without replacing your phone system!

Skype Call Center PBX
Skype Call Center PBX software allows businesses to replace their legacy PBX with a software phone system designed to work with Skype, the global Internet communications company. The Skype Call Center PBX will enable you to take advantage of industry leading Skype features and quality for your business while helping you save money! 

Skype Phones
Skype phones are designed to work with the Skype service. CI Gear offers many models to choose from.