Sangoma A200: 2-24 Analog

Universal Telephony Cards for Superior Voice Quality

Sangoma's telephony and data hardware and software empower your PC to deliver superior auditory quality when communicating with public telephone networks.

Sangoma Life Time Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

Sangoma's A200 4 port FXO/FXS card delivers superior audio quality and is expandable to 24 ports in a 2U form factor.

As you need them, additional REMORA™ cards can be added to the base four-port A200 card. A single PCI or PCI Express slot hosts connection for up to 24 ports and ensures common synchronous clocking for all channels.

The A200 AFT architecture is shared with Sangoma's A101, A102, A104 and A108 cards ensuring common 3.3 V or 5 V, high performance and universal PCI or PCI Express compatibility.

Like all the Sangoma AFT Series, the A200 and Remora™ system has field upgradeable firmware to take advantage of enhancements as they become available.

Sangoma cards guarantee error-free faxing and click-free audio on analog-digital links.*

*Hardware echo cancellation option required.

Sangoma Product Line:

Sangoma A200: 2-24 Analog Ports (FXS/FXO Cards)
Sangoma A400: 2-24 Analog Ports (FXS/FXO Cards)
Sangoma Digital Cards (BRI/PRI/T1/E1)
Sangoma Data Only Cards
Sangoma Cables

Several Combinations of FXO, FXS, BRI, and PRI ports available.