OpenVox GSM Cards

OpenVox products are ready to be used with leading open source telephony projects including Asterisk®, trixbox®, Elastix®, PBX in a Flash, AskoziaPBX®, Voyage-Linux in full product line with excellent performance and are being continuously extended with innovation.

Modular GSM Network Interface Product.
G400P  is a 4-channel PCI GSM card and works with GSM network. It  is used to build a PBX system based on Asterisk Open Source platform.
Key Benefits: 
* Scalable: Just add additional channels to extend system
* Easy to use: It bases on Bristuff open source solution
* Configurable: Sets GSM network requirements through a setting file
* High quality with low price
* Low power consumption
* Application ready: Use Asterisk® to build your IP-PBX/Voicemail system
 OpenVox products are covered by a 5-year warranty. OpenVox stands closely behind its products and takes responsibility to ensure everyone a great OpenVox customer experience.

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