HD Video Communication

The LifeSize® Advantage

LifeSize enables customers to have a telepresence experience anywhere they want, everywhere they want, with no compromises. While other companies claim to do the same thing, only LifeSize consistently delivers.

What is the LifeSize® Advantage?

The LifeSize Advantage is a state of the art high definition (HD) video architecture that provides the best quality video communication experience in all network environments.

There are three pillars to this unique advantage:

  The LifeSize Advantage enables:

  • Best Price performance - meet naturally with the highest quality at the lowest possible bandwidth and cost
  • Scalability - deploy video in a scalable and cost-effective manner
  • Security - communicate securely without compromises
  • Network management - manage all the video endpoints in the network, not just one brand
  • Multi-way calling - enable multi-party calls without reducing the quality to the lowest common denominator
  • Virtual multi-way - view people and data in the screen layout that best suits your needs
  • Content sharing - share content without tradeoffs in quality

People expect technology to work – every time. Pick up a phone anywhere in the world, dial and connect instantly without a thought to the technical feats behind it. No thought about scheduling the call, or the amount of network traffic. You want to communicate when the time is right for you.

So why can’t video communications be this simple?

It can. With LifeSize Communications, you can have a telepresence experience as reliable and easy as a phone call.

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