PhoneBochs - Elastix / Trixbox

The PHONEBOCHS® phone system is a hybrid telephone system, meaning it possesses all the benefits of a VOIP system, with the reliability of a traditional PBX. PHONEBOCHS® appliances can be used with either standard analog telephone lines and/or VOIP trunks. PHONEBOCHS® phone systems are:

  • License Free - PHONEBOCHS® appliances come pre-loaded with Asterisk based open source telephony software. Each appliance comes standard with Elastix. Trixbox, FreePBX and other distributions are also available on special request.
  • Scalable - Every PHONEBOCHS® is built with scalability in mind.This means it will grow with your business, eliminating the need to constantly upgrade equipment as your business grows.
  • Affordable - PHONEBOCHS® always comes out on top when comparing price-to-performance. It is one of most affordable telephone systems available today.

Basic Features:

  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Forward on Busy, Call Forward on No Answer, Call Forward Variable
  • Call Monitoring, Call Recording
  • Call Parking, Call Queuing
  • Call Transfer, Call Waiting
  • Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Caller ID on Call Waiting

 Advanced Features

  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Conference Bridge 
  • Music on Hold
  • Remote Office Support 

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